Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Likes Shopping?

While in the hospital, Max has been lucky enough to play with the toys offered by Children's Child Life Specialists. And, he's going to be using them a lot more when his treatment starts - he'll be there for about 6 weeks. Max loves the video game carts! The only thing is, so many hours have been logged on these games that they are in pretty rough shape. And their wish list extends to all ages of kids. 

So, if you like shopping and are feeling generous, Children's would LOVE donations. A wish list is attached here or to the title of this blog.  A few ground rules...
  • Due to infection control and security reasons, all items have to be brand spankin' new
  • They won't be donated directly to Max, but if you specify they are for Hem/Onc Child Life then there is a good chance Max will get to play with them! 
  • There are some big ticket items on here, so if you'd like to donate money towards a big item, email me ( and I will coordinate the purchase.
  • Gift cards are welcomed for those families who have a specific need for their child.
  • Know that you are truly appreciated by all the scared little kids in treatment!
Have a gift to donate? AWESOME! Here's how to get it to the kids:
1. Take it to Children's to the B Welcome Desk and specify that it's for Hem/Onc Child Life
2. Email Aunt Sarah ( to arrange for me to pick it up from you or you to drop it off at my place in Mt. Lookout. Then I'll make sure it gets to Children's. 
***a shopping tip: Big Lots has TONS of toys at great prices so check that out first. 


  1. Hi Max.

    I am part of a group of friends called Kindervelt 18 that get together and help kids at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in different ways. We are sending a donation to Child Life on your behalf so that they can buy some more fun stuff for you and the other kids in the Hem/Onc unit to play with during your stay.

    I am amazed at what a strong and brave boy you are. Give your mommy and daddy a big hug from the Rollman family.

    You and your family are in our prayers.

    Tricia Rollman

  2. Wow, Tricia...thanks so much. Max is honored.

    Hope to see you soon.



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