Thursday, February 19, 2009

One EXCITING evening!

We had quite an evening last night as Max and Alex had a very special visitor! Our neighbor and local dirt bike racing champion, Matt Pohlkamp and his wife, Jessica stopped by for a visit and to bring some very special gifts to Max to help him through his tough journey ahead. They have heard what a fan of biking and skateboarding that Max is and how brave he has been so far so they loaded him up with gear to use in his future racing career, as well as posters for him to decorate his room with at the hospital and even a magazine with an article and photos featuring Matt! They even brought him some "Celly Smellys" wipes from Jessica's business to help Max keep his DS, iPod and other electronics spic and span. How exciting!

Here are a few pictures from the evening. Both Max and Alex were very much in awe of Matt and spent lots of time today checking out his website (link above and in Max's favorites) and watching his YouTube videos. Thanks so much Matt and Jessica!

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  1. Being a fellow dirt rider, that is awesome stuff! When you are better, we can go dirt bike riding at my grandparents farm - Charlie


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