Friday, February 13, 2009

How Does a Bone Marrow Transplant Work?, you ask...

Need a little education? Click on this title for a PDF called, The Nuts and Bolts of Bone Marrow Transplants. It tells you all you need to know AND in words you can understand. Just the facts, Jack. It's a scary procedure and will be a long road for Maxer and all of us who love him, but we really believe God will be watching over him and keeping him safe. 

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  1. My favorite part of the Nuts and Bolts attachment - "Is it Worth It? YES!"

    We were talking about Max at dinner last night - and we were talking about Bone Marrow and the transfer. I'll share the info with the family today - 1 to 2 quarts does seem like a lot!

    As always Max is in my thoughts and frequently in our dinner conversations. We're all rooting for you.


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