Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alex: Great Brother. Great Buddy!

God gave Alex the important job of being Max's best buddy through all of this. And he is doing a GREAT job at it. He's always ready to challenge Max to a game on the Wii or play a board game with him (Alex is great at Guess Who). He also loves to snuggle up with Max and watch movies or a Xavier game. And best of all, he is great at making Max laugh and have fun. Which is what he needs most right now. 

He'll do whatever he can for his brother. One night, while he was saying his prayers before bedtime he had a sad look on his face and said to his mom, "Mommy, they should'a taked me." Translation: He wanted them to take his bone marrow so he could give it to Max. What a giving and sweet little guy!  High fives Alex! You're a great brother and best buddy!

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  1. Playstation 2 is awesome and Alex is beating me in college hoops. Thanks for all the cards, candy and nice wishes


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