Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transplant Fast Approaching!

We found out today that it is looking like we will be admitted to the hospital to begin the preparations for the transplant (ie Max's chemotherapy) next Friday, February 27th. Ironically, this was the date that we were supposed to be leaving for a trip to Florida to visit Ellee's namesake, my grandma, Elizabeth. Little change of plans.

The harvest of Ellee's bone marrow will take place a week from our admission so, Friday, March 6th in the early morning (7:45 am). Max will be given her marrow later that afternoon so, that will be a truly HUGE day for all of us.

We are making preparations for our long stay in the hospital and will be providing information on visitation through the blog, if you are interested. We do know that visitation is restricted to adults that we approve of only (ie no kids are allowed unfortunately) and that you have to be very healthy to visit (ie not even a runny nose). I believe that they will monitor your hand washing when you check in and will even take your temperature and check you for cold or flu like symptoms. The bone marrow transplant unit is what they call "locked down" from the germ perspective. With all this said, I am certain that we will love having visitors so, if you are up to it and interested, keep checking back on the blog for further information.

Max will also be getting his central line (some people call it a port) in his chest on Tuesday. This requires a relatively minor surgery so, he will have to be put under in order for it to be accomplished. He will also receive transfusions of blood and platelets ahead of time on Monday and Tuesday morning to be sure his levels are acceptable for the surgery.

We are having a much quieter, nice week this week. We have not been to the hospital since Tuesday and, at this point, do not have to go back until Monday so, Max feels like he is on vacation right now! Pretty funny how much things can change in such a short amount of time!

We have a contingent of about 30 family members coming down this Saturday from Cleveland to donate blood in Max's honor at Hoxworth. We are extremely touched by this event and will have Mama and Papi Sherwin take some pictures, etc for us to post on the blog afterwards.

Thanks, again for all that everyone has done to show us how much you care and are behind us in this journey. It has really helped.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. Hi Max and Family.
    I just spoke with a friend of ours, Nurse Anne, she works in the Children's Oncology Unit. We asked her to take extra special care of you! You are all in our prayers everyday.
    Love, Chris, Linda, Jacob, Keily and Joey.

  2. Matt-
    Thanks for sending us your blog. You have a very nice looking family. This will be a great way for us to keep up with the latest. Please know my family and I will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

    Steve Daugherty

  3. Max,
    we are thinking of you and Lucy includes you and your family in her prayers everynight. Hang in there!

    Lee Ann, Chad, Lucy and Kimber Barkman


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