Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playin' Madden 08 at Aunt Sarah & Ryan's House

Kristi, Max, Alex and Ellee came over to Aunt Sarah's today! They were bummed Ryan wasn't home (Max wanted to challenge him to a game of Mario Kart) but maybe they can come back soon and play when he's not at work!

We had a yummy Zip's burger and then hit the couch to play some Madden 08 on the PS3 (read: a video game!) Alex was Chad Johnson and Max was The Browns and then The Patriots. Max scored a lot of's an action shot. Max seems to be feeling good! He's a resilient little dude!

Ellee had a great time too. Here she is showing off her construction hat from Aunt Sarah's toy box. She needed that construction hat this morning when she got her arm pricked for more blood tests. She goes back again Tuesday -- these are just steps to prep for her big bone marrow transplant debut for Maxer. 
After Madden 08, we took Duke on a short walk (he actually took me on a walk) and then they headed home for the day. Thanks for coming over guys! It was a blast!

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