Friday, April 10, 2009

Ice Cream, Marshmellows, Hair and Counts!

We've had a string of good days this week. Max is doing well overall and feeling much better than he did the last few weeks. He's starting to get some energy back and is definitely eating well and having some fun playing. He is beginning to transition over to oral medications from the IV meds so that we can get out of here as soon as his white cell counts begin to rise. We are hopeful that it will be about 2 weeks and we will be heading home! In order to get the medicine down, Max has been enjoying LOTS of Graeters Black Raspberry Chip ice cream, as you can see in the picture!

Yesterday the Child Life rep that we have become buddies with brought in a special treat for Max. She had a marshmellow blaster gun and she and Max had a ball shooting mini marshmellows at a target that they made with all of the things he hates about being in the hospital on it. It was a great release for him as he has definitely had plenty of frustations lately being in here so long and on steroids, to top things off! I have attached a video of some of it so you all can enjoy the fun too.

Max's hair is beginning to shed like crazy today and we are just waiting to see what happens here in the next few days. There is a chance that it will just thin but it is more likely that he will lose it all. We are contemplating doing a little buzz and Matt may join him. We'll be sure to take pictures of it if it happens.

We did get some initial good news this morning also. The monocytes, which are one of the first indicators of engraftment of Ellee's marrow in Max were up in the counts this morning so, everyone is hopeful around here that we will see some progress with Max's white cells over the weekend! Perfect Easter present!

Our Easter this year will be a bit different, to say the least. The Easter Bunny is planning to visit Max here in the hospital and Alex and Ellee at home. Matt and I are splitting the duty of staying here this weekend too. I'll be here tonight and tomorrow night with Max so that I can go home tomorrow to take Alex and Ellee to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Matt will spend Easter morning with Alex and Ellee and then come down here to stay on Sunday evening so that I can take Alex and Ellee to dinner with my family. Unfortunately we can't all be together but, we all understand that this is a small price to pay for the opportunity to give Max the rest of his life back! Lots more Easters together in the future!

Hope you all enjoy a Happy Easter! We hope to be able to share some wonderful news regarding Max's full engraftment soon.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. I have loved, loved, LOVED seeing these great posts the last 2 times!!! Such wonderful and uplifting can FINALLY begin to see light at the end of the tunnel!!! I will look forward to reading more good news soon! : ) HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

  2. I have been keeping up to date by Aunt Monica, so glad to hear things are improving, the ice cream looks great. We saw Ellee at the park the other day and she was quite excited to talk all about her big brother staying strong in the hospital. Keep up the good work!
    The Verdins

  3. Happy Easter, Meyers! So glad to hear these wonderful reports!!! The marshmallow shooter looks like lots of fun!


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