Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doin' a Happy Dance

GREAT NEWS!!! Max has Ellee's white cells running around in his body as of this morning!!! His white count is up significantly to 0.7 and his ANC (the count of nutrafils, or infection fighting white cells) is also up to 100! The bottom line is....the transplant is engrafting and beginning to heal Max!!!!!!!

We are so thrilled, of course, and are celebrating in our room this morning with a little happy dance! The doctors have all stopped in to share in the wonderful news! Now we just need LOTS of time to build up Max's counts and immune system. But, hopefully we'll be able to head home within the next few weeks. Max's ANC has to be 500 in order for that to even be considered and he has to be able to take many of his meds by mouth, which we are hard at work on now.

Just wanted to pass along our great news from today as soon as I could. Thanks so much for all your continued thoughts and prayers! They are working! We'll keep you posted.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. WOW! This is all going as planned, it sounds like. It is so exciting to hear that Max is engrafting! We know it will be a long process from here, but this means that it worked, right!!!

    We wanted to tell Max that we LOVED the picture of him eating the ice cream. Max, Graeters Black Raspberry Chip is Aunt Kimmy's favorite too. I told Benny that I would definitely choose that as my treat if I had to take yucky medicine. Keep up the good work! We had to go to Graeters and get some ice cream after we saw your picture last night. Audrey was loving it!

    Thanks for the wonderful news, and Happy Easter!

    Love you,
    Kimmy, Benny, and Audge Podge

  2. Thank you so much for the weekly "window " into your temporary world! We love to read about how Max is doing, especially with wonderful news like this! We look forward to hearing more good news in the coming weeks and will mentally celebrate with you on the day you head home!
    Take care,
    The Clawsons

  3. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We are doing a happy dance here too (Duke and Ryan too!). We know it's going to continue to be a long road to full recovery and we're here for whatever you need. So happy to hear good news. Love you.
    --Aunt Sarah

  4. You never knew what you wanted most from the Easter Bunny was nutrafils, but this is the best gift yet. We are so happy for Max. We are doing the bunny hop with you and we aren't on steroids! Keep eating that ice cream, it's my favorite too and swallowing those yucky pills. Love you all.
    Aunt Mary Rebold

  5. YIPPEE!!! We are so happy for this good news. When I told Willie, his eyes lit up & he said, "I hope this means that he can play with us this summer." Max, Willie misses you soooo much. He needs your help b/c the little bros are ganging up against him! :) Stay strong & take your meds, so you can keep getting better. We are sending you lots of hugs & kisses! Hope the bunny is good to you!
    Aunt Mana, Uncle Mark, Will & Ben

  6. We are so, so happy for Max. What a trooper he has been through all of this. It's great to hear things are going in his favor!

    Kim & family

  7. Great news for the whole family. We are especially proud of Max for working to take his medicine so well. It certainly can be difficult when you have to take so many, but it is an important part of staying healthy - and getting out of the hospital. We are certainly enjoying our time away from the hospital. We will return on Friday for Tony's 3rd round of treatment. Have a Blessed Easter!

    With love,

    The Merks - Lynne, Rick, Alex, Ben, Max, and Tony (

    P.S. Max is in our nightly prayers

  8. Max, I'm doing that happy dance with you in spirit. I ran too far today and my feet hurt right now. But Eleanor and Claire will do a happy dance for me! We are praying for you every day!

    Emily Mengel

  9. Good Stuff. Keep the videos coming . . . they are waging a war with Sponge Bob . . . and winning.

  10. Wonderful news! And how fitting that it comes at Easter time; a time for new beginnings and renewal of life. I am so happy and thankful for this blessing for your whole family. Max, keep up the good work:)

  11. Hello, I just found your site about a week ago. Our daughter has severe aplastic anemia, diagnosed in 2001. We didnt have a bone marrow donor, so she went through ATG drug therapy ( with the horse serum), she relapsed but came back once again stronger that ever. She has now been off all meds for over 4 years! Please give Max & Ellee a big hug from Ohio! Were doing the happy dance for him also! Take care. We'll keep checking in! Oh BTW , our daughter is 9 years old.

  12. I'm so glad to hear the good news, my dad told me at breakfest tomorrow. Max you looked like you were having so much fun shooting marshmellows!! Miss you and were thinkin about all of you alot.
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    love always xoxo

    Katherine, Bobby & Julia

  13. Yeah!! What great news!! We are so happy for you all and will continue to pray that all those counts keep going up and up!!!
    Hope that bunny is good to you all !
    Take care!
    The Hardewig Family
    Gary,Libby, Abby and Brady

  14. A BIG CONGRATS TO ALL YOU CRAZZZZY KIDS!!! Thank you for the best Easter gift ever!! Keep those crazy pixs, vids and good news coming! Happy Easter!

    Shannon,Brighty,Brian,Molly,Kate and Brian

  15. Yay Max! Here at the Moran house we are so very happy to here the great news. Super presents happening this Easter! We hope that this continues on and that you are feeling better each and every day.

    Mike, Tracy, Kyle, Will and Kate

  16. Yeah Max! We are so happy to hear this GREAT news! Keep up the good work and keep on dancing.

    The Toovalian Family
    Karen, Brian, Lia, Stefanie and Pauly

  17. Wonderful news! We continue to pray for all of you.
    Chris, Brian & Lindsay

  18. Awesome news Max! Sounds like you're getting stronger everyday!!! Love the video of the marshmallow gun...keep shooting the bad things and before you know it you'll be home :)

  19. Thank the good lord, God be with everyone.
    I've been following your blog, checking on it every day and passing the info on to the crew in our morning meetings. Max and his whole fam. got a big cheer and everyone is smiling BIG this morning.
    Thanks for the blog
    Ron M.
    DJJ Seattle

  20. amazing! The doctors and nurses caring for you are the best, I am so glad the numbers are in and engraftment is happening!

  21. Incredible news Max! Will, Jack, and all the Bronsils are thinking of you. Keep the good news coming.

  22. Just a note to say you made our day with the good news. Max and all of you are in our thoughts and prayers every day as you handle this challenge and we know that he will surely overcome and be well very soon. Thanks for the great Easter gift and God bless you all for your strength and perseverance through this time.

    All Our Love, Aunt Tom & Uncle Renee'

  23. WHOO HOO What wonderful news for Max and the whole family! We hope that you had a good easter! being away from home has to be real YUCKY! Keep up the Marshmellow Shooter What a great idea! you need more of those types of toys!

    Jenn and Tommy Thornton


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