Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Angel with An Amazing Gift

Wow...yesterday was quite a day for all of us! I'm just able to sit down here now to type in a quick note to everyone to let you know that things went and continue to go as expected at this point, for the most part. Ellee did well overall yesterday with her surgery although we had a couple of real scares with her after the fact. At two different points yesterday, she got upset and ended up not breathing for a few seconds! It was very scary, to say the least, but they believe that it occurred as a result of the anesthesia and pain medications that she was given and she seemed to be over it by late in the day yesterday. She was discharged about noon today and has been sleeping away the afternoon at home with daddy in her own cozy bed! It was one HUGE day for a little baby girl.

But, at 17 months old, she has already done something that few people will ever accomplish in their entire lives...she has begun the process of saving someone's life...her own big brothers! Max got the bone marrow infusion from Ellee at about noon yesterday and it was finished at about 3:30 (if you look closely in the picture of him, you can actually see the line with the marrow in it hooked up to his central line and going into his body). He felt amazingly good afterwards and was up playing games and eating! Unfortunately, he is not feeling as well today but, that is definitely expected at this point. He will likely have many ups and downs over the next few weeks as his body adjusts and Ellee's marrow begins to engraft. He has also been battling high blood pressure for the last few days as well as nausea so both of those are contributing to his yucky feeling.

Watching the actual infusion of the bone marrow was definitely a sacred moment for Matt and I, as well as our Pastor...the gift of life in the truest sense! We can only hope and pray that things continue to go as well as they have for Max so far and that within a few weeks we will be headed home with him and on the road to recovery!

Max continues to be strong and patient, though he does have his moments as the cumulative effect of all of this adds up on him. Matt and I are emotionally and physically drained but remain faithful, hopeful, thankful and strong.

We can't tell you what it means that we have so many people pulling for us in this situation! Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to us. It really helps us get through the tough moments...and there have been plenty of those.

We'll keep you posted as things progress over the next few days and weeks. Pray for the best outcome possible!


Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. Kristi and Matt,
    You both are so strong.
    I know that you are both physically and emotionally exhausted.
    Your babies look so sweet in the pictures. These two will always have an unusually close bond.
    May God continue to be with you and give you strength.
    Love to all of your family,
    Sharry Blazer

  2. We love you all so much. Wishing you strength and peace...

    Dena & Jas

  3. I admire your strength, Kristi and Matt. What a blessing little Ellee is for helping Max in this way! I hope that Alex is hanging in there too...this must be so tough for such a little guy to understand.

    We will keep you in our prayers and thank you for the updates. Scott and I have been thinking of you and all of the Rollmans have kept you continually in our prayers.

    Many blessings,

  4. I am so glad to hear things went as well as could be expected - That is such wonderful news!!!! I truly admire your positivity in the face of such an overwhelmingly challenging situation, and I think about you guys all of the time! The pics of your kids on here are so touching. I will keep sending positive thoughts your way!! Kirsten Stilgenbauer

  5. Thank you so much for the update Kristi and Matt!!

    Great news that the transplant is over and things went well! I've been thinking about your sweet family and wish you all continued strength.

    Always in my thoughts~


  6. Kristi and Matt--the whole family is in our prayers. Praying for strength, patience, courage and healing. Love, Karen and Kurt Reiber

  7. We are praying that the marrow will take well in Max's system. What an amazing day! Thank God for Ellie, the Dr's and staff at Children's, and the wonderful family that you have. I am so hopeful for that the road ahead will be filled with peace and hearty recovery for ALL of you.

  8. So glad to hear that the transplant day went as expected. Little Ellee had to do something to get some extra attention!!!
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers always.
    Joan Fleming

  9. Im glad the transplant went smoothly and continue to think of all of you each day. miss you all.
    love always katherine

  10. Max,
    Michigan State is in the finals! I am not sure how you did it, but you helped them get there.
    We are glad to hear everything is going great for you and Ellie.
    Take care and be strong little man!!!

    The Nabbs


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