Friday, March 13, 2009

One Round Down...One More To Go

Max finished his first round of chemo today. He had shots of a drug called Campath one time a day for the last four days and, despite the fact that this round wasn't supposed to be too bad, it's been pretty rough. Overall, Max is doing well but, he's had some pretty major issues with his tummy, unfortunately, along with a rash and some achiness, similar to the flu. But, we've got the first round behind us now and we only have one more to go so, Max is on the way to recovery!

We had some fun tonight making some videos that we thought we'd share with everyone. As you can see, despite his tummy issues, Max is in excellent spirits overall. We've had our share of ups and downs but, mostly he's handled things amazingly well. He has not been out of this room since we "checked in" on Monday so, considering that, I think he's been quite unbelieveable for a seven year old boy!

We are hoping that the respiratory isolation he is in from a cold a few weeks ago will be lifted soon and he will be able to at least walk out in the halls and maybe even make a visit to the play room! Also, we are hopeful that he will get to walk out to the lobby with his mask on and visit with Alex and Ellee! That would just make all of our day!

We'll keep you posted as things progress. We have a ten day rest ahead of us so, hopefully Max's tummy will improve and we'll enjoy some time together as a family down here in the lobby!

Enjoy the videos and please keep up the prayers for our Magnificent Max!

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. Max-
    that was an awesome video - send another one. You are a cool dude! We really miss you. How is the hospital? your room looks neat. We love you - Andrew, Jacob, Aunt Molly and Umle Jim

  2. Hey you guys make a pretty good team with the video! I have never seen that done before - awesome! Good to see you both:) - Amanda

  3. Hey Max,You made me smile tonight,thanks!What a great video.How do you do that.We are bib XU fans,so we were sad to see them lose tonight.We'll hope they do better in the NCAA touney.Keep making the most of your stay as fun as possible. Love--Amy,Joe,Mo,and Larry

  4. Dear Max, Nathan and Andrew thought you were totally hilarious on your video! Nathan thought it was funny when you went, "ROAR!!!" They also liked your cool shades and funky hair! Drew really liked the bandana. Nathan also wanted me to tell you he liked when your Mom said to do what you want in front of the camera! You have been brave, hang in there! Nathan, Andrew, & Mrs. Stilgenbauer

  5. Kristi & Max....

    Your video was amazing ....oh this new technology...
    Max..we think of you EVERY proud of how brave you are ..
    Thank you for sharing part of your day with all of us..God Bless you..
    Carolynn & Bob

  6. Hi Maxer,
    Willie & Benny couldn't stop laughing at your "fartface" video. We watched it 3 times!!! We hope you are hanging in there & the boys miss you soooo much! xoxoxoox.....

  7. Hey Max!!
    LOVED the video!! Your Aunt Monica told us it was on here, and my kids, Abby and Brady , thought it was HYSTERICAL !! LOVE the shades and hair !! Great look!
    Hang in there , all of ya! Hope you get to have some visits soon ! And , I heard the playroom is AWESOME! You'll see soon!
    Take care!
    The Hardewig's
    Gary , Libby , Abby and Brady

  8. Shannon,Brighty,Brian,Molly,Kate & BrianMarch 17, 2009 at 12:27 AM

    Congratulations!! You are truly a crazzzzy kid! We loved the hair and the shades...thought you might want to work on the lid!! Happy St. Pat's! Keep up that luck of the Irish!!


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