Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another GREAT way to help!

Over the last 11 days here at the hospital, I have realized that there are LOTS of opportunities for people to help down here! I discovered that there are kids right here on this unit that are enduring some of the same things as Max but, they are ALONE! I cannot imagine what that is like for is tough enough for Max.

So, I did some "digging" around and found out that you can volunteer down here to come and spend time playing with kids like these. Wow...what a way to brighten a child's day!

Some time ago, I posted a list of things that you can do to help and you all responded incredibly well! I have learned a lot over the past several weeks and, while the list has changed slightly, much of it remains the same. I told you earlier that the Child Life group down here could use some new toys and you all responded to that request overwhelmingly! While I'm sure they could still use more items, I am going to switch that "way to help" over to asking folks here in Cincinnati to consider volunteering down here instead. Here's my list now with some extra info for you:

1. Give blood. Contact Hoxworth here in Cincy ( or the blood bank in your city to find out how. Max is utilizing platelets 2 to 3 times a week at this point and will be for the next several weeks, along with blood about once every two weeks. Most of the kids on this unit are doing that same thing.

2. Contact the Ronald McDonald House to see how you can help ( We cannot imagine going through this away from home! These people need your extra help!

3. Consider volunteering your time down here at Children's in Cincy or at some other hospital in your city ( You could really brighten a child's day!

We have felt so blessed by the love and care that you all have showered upon us! We can only hope to return a portion of it to other families that need it.

Max continues to do amazingly well this week. The doctors told us on rounds this morning that he has more energy than the rest of the BMT floor combined! Great news!

Max misses his brother and sister so much! He broke my heart in bed last night as we were trying to fall asleep and he was looking at the picture of the three of them on my computer when he said, "I just wish, wish, wish that I could see them in real life...not in a picture." Then he put his hands together and looked up and said, "God, please, please, please." This is probably the toughest part right now...being apart. Don't ever take your family time for granted! Love means everything!

More soon.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)

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  1. Thank you for the volunteer information. I checked out the Ronald McDonald House website here in Detroit and there are so many ways of volunteering. They also have a posted wish list of items they need. We think of you often and are praying for your family. What a strong little boy - Sarah Strohl


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