Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Away from Home for A While

We're officially admitted down here at Children's now and getting settled in today. We are actually on the overflow portion of the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit for now which is good news because Matt and I can eat, drink and use the bathroom in Max's room for the moment. Once we transfer over into the BMT unit, we will have to go out of his room to do these things so, we are thankful for the extended opportunity to relax in his room! We will transfer over into the BMT sometime prior to the actual transplant.

I've taken some pictures of his room. It's quite nice really and he is very excited about it. He has a flat screen TV which he was thrilled about and there is a Playstation right in the room. When we came in, there were two new Playstation games sitting on the bed for him to play which really excited him. We also hung up his little XU hoop from Aunt Kimmy and he's been having lots of fun this afternoon "shooting some hoops" with daddy and I.

We are all glad to be beginning this process, as tough as it will be to not be together as a family for so long. Max actually clapped today on the way here when I told him that he was going to get Ellee's bone marrow on April 1st. He is very happy to be on the road to getting better.
So, we are definitely settling in today. Tomorrow will begin the initial immune suppressing chemotherapy doses. Max will have to receive a shot each day for four days of this initial medicine but, other than that discomfort, it should not make him feel too bad.

His blood levels were really low today so, he is going to receive both a platelet and a full blood transfusion this, thanks to those of you that donated at the blood drive at Wilson today! Already being put to good use by Maxer!

We are looking forward to watching the Dancing with the Stars premiere tonight and trying to get a good nights sleep!

As for visiting, the doctor recommended that we minimize the number of visitors in Max's room so, we are going to do that and try to keep it mainly to family members. However, if you want to visit, give me a call on my cell phone (608-9615) or send me an email ( and we can have you come down and peek in his room to say "hi" and then I can take a short walk with you or something for a bit. Sorry about this...we just want to keep things as safe and healthy as possible for the big guy.

We'll write more soon to let you know how things are going. Thanks for all the continued thoughts, prayers and support.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. Max...

    We LOVE your cool having a flat screen TV...and it looks like you have decorated it just RIGHT..
    Bob and Carolynn

  2. Max, I know your grandparents Sherwin and GaGa. Just want to wish you well and know all the Shicks are thinking of you and saying extra prayers.
    Love, Patty

  3. Good luck! We're thinking about you.

  4. So good to see the pictures of your room and a smile on your face. Love the Sponge Bob bedspread!

    We love you,

    Kimmy, Benny, and Audrey

  5. Max,You are in our thoughts and prayers.I know the folks at Childrens will take GREAT care of you.They will see what a SPECIAL,STRONG guy you are RIGHT away.We'll keep up with you on the blog!!All our Love---Amy,Joe Mo and LArry

  6. Max, its amazing you had time to bake all those cookies for today, they were delicious!! I'm glad you are all settled, stay strong!

    The Verdins

  7. I'm comin' down tonight to "school" you on your hoop ! You don't have Alex so I have a chance. Better start practicing cause it doesn't look like you can dunk. Love, Poppy.

  8. Best of luck to Max today as he starts his chemo. The room looks great! You are all in our prayers as you begin the hospital leg of this journey together.

    The Purdy Family

  9. We hope all goes well for Max through his treatment. Good luck Max!

  10. Hi Max,
    Your favorite on American Idol, Danny Gokey, did awesome last night. Think he has a good chance. I will keep my fingers crossed. Saw your poster of Tony Hawk. See you soon.
    Love Gaga

  11. Hey Max, Kristi and Matt...

    Your room looks pretty cool! We're all thinking about of luck will do great!!!

  12. Max - wish I could visit but since I can't let me know when you need some new things to play with!

    Stay strong,

  13. Max,

    I hope you got the balloon, truck and picture of Batman I sent you. We'll keep praying for you and your family.
    Lucy Barkman (and family)


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