Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day +148: A Bit of Lousy Excitement & Walk Registration Instructions

Just a quick update tonight to let you all know that we have had a couple of longish days around here. Max started having some strange "poopies" yesterday and they continued into today, along with Alex coming down with a fever last night which went into this morning. Alex is feeling much better but, Max's issues continued throughout the day today so, I called down to the hospital and we had to make a trip down this afternoon. They collected all kinds of samples from him (poopee, pee-pee and blood) and are hoping for some answers tomorrow. His vitals were a bit off and they suspected that he was a bit dehydrated so, they gave him some IV fluids today and sent us home for the evening with strict instructions to watch him closely and head back down to the ER if anything worsens. We'll be back down there tomorrow at 8:30 am for our regularly scheduled Day Hospital visit and some medication infusions and hope to know more about what is going on with him then. In the meantime, it would ease my mind and worries greatly if any of you could lift him up whenever possible - just praying that he can easily overcome this issue and continue his wonderful progress toward recovery. To top things off, Matt is on his annual golf trip with his buddies this weekend...something that I was excited that he could do, given how our year has gone so far. I hope that he can continue to enjoy it despite these current "obstacles."

On another note, I have heard that there has been some difficulty with registering for the walk through the Max's Mighty Mob page and link that I provided in my last post. If you cannot register that way, try going in through this link: Once you are there, click on "Register". You'll have to put in some personal info and then it will give you a couple of options, one of them being to "Join a team." Click on that and then type "Max's Mighty Mob" in the box. It should find us and you can then add that to your registration and you will show up on our team page as part of the team. Let me know if anyone has more trouble at If you want to donate, you should be able to do that by following the directions in my last post.

As I've said before, the bone marrow transplant process is a long roller coaster ride. Downs like the one we are experiencing now are part of the "ride." We are just hopeful that Max will come through this small setback with his hands high in the air yelling "yippee" and continue on that way for the remainder of the "ride."

Thanks for all your love, support, thoughts, prayers, etc. More I know it.

Peace and love,
Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. Praying for Max that everything resolves on it's own. I hope to hear Max has wonderful vitals, labs and is feeling better tomorrow.
    We will be in day hospital at 7:30am; I hope to see you there!

    Your BMT friends,
    The Martin's

  2. As always, you're in our prayers, but tonight, we have extras for you! We love you, Maxer! Be tough & fight those nasty germs. Willie can't wait to play again & he misses you at school :)
    Aunt Monica, Uncle Mark, WIll & Ben

  3. Love & Prayers coming your way....we will be waiting to hear the results of Max's testing..Call if you need anything..

    Carolynn & Bob

  4. I am so happy that you posted your blog spot on our caring bridge site. I am so glad to hear that Max has been doing so well. He looks awesome and it sounds like things are coming along just fine with the minor blip of pooing alot.

    Hopefully one day we can run into each other at day hospital~always love your contagious smile and upbeat outlook. : )
    Thank you so much for your offerings. If I do ever need anything I will be sure to call. I promise.
    Now that I have your spot I will be sure to check in on a regular basis. (Dean has had your business card with all of your contacts) When he is here we always have a million things to catch up on.
    Again I am so happy to have your site and to be able to have some contact with you. I will continue to hang in there. I think I will just start crossing off the days on the calendar. Maybe it will help. : )
    And yes, we will always have that special connect.
    Much love,
    Kathy and Ethan Alfred


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