Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day +122: WOW!!! What a day!

It's day +122 and we have just finished looking through all our pictures and videos and reliving yesterday's AMAZING event with the Reds and Make A Wish! We all had a ball, to say the least. It was a day that we will remember and treasure for the rest of our lives!

We arrived at the ball park at 4:30 to meet our coordinator from the Reds (Laurie) and the Executive Director of Make A Wish here in Southern Ohio. They took us right out to the field where we all got to watch the Reds taking batting practice. We were right behind home plate and within feet of all the players. After about 20 minutes, Laurie got Max and took him over into the Reds dug out where he got to sit and meet several of the players. She took pictures of him with all of them, as you can see at the link below, and had them all sign his baseball. We could see him sitting there from a distance and could tell how excited he was to meet them all. He obviously felt very special and many of them must have said very nice things to him because he kept telling us about how nice they were.

After batting practice, we headed up to the incredible GE suite which was stocked with food and drinks for all of us! The kids were beside themselves with excitement at the suite and the special items that GE left for all of them. There were Reds stuffed characters, baseballs and foam bats for each of them, in addition to popcorn, peanuts and soft pretzels gallore! They were running around and squealing with delight! Shortly thereafter, our guests arrived: Aunt Monica, Uncle Mark, Cousin Will, Cousin Ben, Raad, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Sarah, Papa Jake, Uncle Kent, Uncle Chris and Joe. All of us enjoyed a fabulous evening in the suite, which had an unbelieveable view of the field as well. It was a good game but, unfortunately, the Reds couldn't pull out a win for Maxer! Joey Votto, Max's favorite player, did hit a home run though!

To top off the entire day, after the game was "Fireworks Friday" so, there was a spectacular fireworks display right in front of us. The kids loved it! The first thing Ellee said when she woke up this morning was "boomers loud...boomers high...but, boomers OK!" Her eyes were as wide as I have ever seen them when the fireworks ended! Alex is not a fan of "boomers" but, he braved it last night and loved them as well.

Overall, it was an occasion that we will never, ever forget. It brought so much joy to all of us. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to watch Max running around, dancing, acting goofy and just generally acting like a 7 year old that was getting to have the time of his life. We all felt like 7 year olds! It's impossible to ever thank the Reds, GE and Make A Wish enough for what they did for us last night. At one point in the evening, I imagined a time in the distant future when Max is much older and is thinking back on this challenging time in his life...I know that one of his first memories is going to be of the wonderful time that we all had yesterday. That is priceless.

We are all exhausted today, to say the least! It will take the rest of the weekend, if not the entire week for us to recover. :) It was so worth it!

More soon.

Peace and love,
Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)


  1. So glad to hear what a good time you all had, that is just awesome! Glad Max is doing so well and we miss you all here, but do not want to see ya back! Looking foward to getting to see you again one day and for Preston and Max to meet, they seem so much alike. Love and Prayers, Jasey

  2. You all look so great with your Red's outfits. How great that Max even had a Red's mask.

  3. What an amazing experience....I'm so glad that Max got to do that! It is so wonderful to hear how well he is doing. Tell him his fav PCA Maria says HI !!!

  4. How Awesome Max!!! We are excited that you had the time of your life at the Reds game. You deserve to feel so very special because you are such a special boy. That will be a memory you can hold onto forever :) I can't wait to hear stories from you in person. See you soon!!!
    Mrs. Hyden

  5. Once again, good stuff.

    Although, I am sure that GE is a fine company, my hat is off to the individual that keeps up with your blog and took the initiative to help place GE's assets toward your benefit - that is huge! Many people can want to do something, but to just do it - simply brilliant. Gracias GE White Hat Person - you're a hero.

    K, on a personal note, Garrett had his Wilson phone book out today. He said that he was going to call Max (and we hadn't talked about Max or the blog for a week or so - just came to him). Anyway, I hope that he was able to leave a message. Oh, and I hope that Max was able to read his note - I wanted to "fix" it, but (quite frankly) it wasn't my place - it was one 7yo's letter to another.

    Please thank Max for Garrett's catalyst letter - it made his day. (Pretty neat how someone that is waging a health-battle can with pen and paper positively impact another's life). Thanks Max.

  6. What a terrific outing! Well deserved and a big thrill for all of you!!!!! Yeah for the great times!!!!

  7. How awesome! Loved looking at the pictures.


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