Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Bump on The Recovery Roller Coaster

Two hospital visits for the Meyer's in less than 24 hours :( Please keep the Meyer's in your prayers.

The first was Max. On Saturday he was feeling tired, had a bad cough and ended up running a fever in the late afternoon. A fever = automatic trip to the hospital so Kristi quickly packed a bag and headed down to Children's with Max. He was treated at the hospital for RSV, a virus that is typically only common in babies. He stayed overnight and came home late afternoon today (Sunday). His impromptu trip to the hospital ruined his NBA Slam Dunk party he had planned Saturday night with his cousins. As you recall, Max had requested to attend the NBA All Star Game this year as part of his Make A Wish, but was not able to attend due to NBA rules and timing with his recovery. So this party was going to be his own little NBA All Star Jam celebration. He was really bummed he had to miss it, as we all were.

The second was Matt. Shortly after Max arrived home this afternoon, Monica, Matt's sister, took Matt to the ER. From previous posts, you might remember that Matt has had several attacks of abdominal pain in the past month or so and no tests have been able to uncover the source causing these attacks. The pain was severe and debilitating today, so Monica took him to the ER. He has been admitted to treat pancreatitis. He's on IV fluids and antibiotics now and we're not sure yet when he will be released or what the next step is, but we'll keep you updated. We just ask for your prayers for Matt too. I am sure it is difficult for him to relax and not stress now, but we know that is what is best for him. Please pray that Matt will be recovered soon and home with his family and that Max will soon be off the recovery roller coaster and enjoying a healthy 8 year old life, free of trips to Children's!

Aunt Sarah (standing in for the very talented writer Kristi, and Matt, Max, Alex, Ellee and spud)


  1. In Our prayers..please keep us posted...Love Carolynn and Bob

  2. Do you ever get a break? I will pray for a quick recovery for Max and Matt.
    It was great seeing you today Kristin. Thank you so much for bring Max Meals to us!

    The Martin Family

  3. Praying for Max and Matt. Praying for quick recovery for Matt and that Max can get too feeling better also! Love and Prayers,Matt, Jasey and Preston Snead

  4. Prayers coming your way Meyers! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Karen Toovalian


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