Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day +62, Continued: A Touching Tribute From Our Spartan Buddies

Some of my best buddies from Spartan Country did something amazing in Max's honor today. They held a blood drive up in Michigan! Here's their note to him and some pictures of the event that they took. Thanks, ladies! It means a lot to know that we have friends rooting for Max all the way up there!

Hi Max!

Your Mom and Dad’s friends up in Spartan country held a blood drive today in your name! We want you to know that we are thinking of you every day and are amazed at how strong you have been in the last several months. By having the blood drive and sharing your story it helped us remind others to give when they can and not to forget what those around you may be going through.

We are proud to have had many first time donors and others who hadn’t given in years.

We had a Red Cross bus here (see photo) and several volunteers. Sarah, Kim, and Becky were all able to come to the blood drive from out of town (see photo). Sarah made some wonderful cookies that were a huge hit with those that donated!

Becky’s daughter Heidi made some rainbow pictures as well (see photo). I wonder if this looks like the one spotted over your house?!

Keep sending us photos and updates, we love to hear how you are doing.


Amanda, Sarah, Kim, Becky, Karen and Krista

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