Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day +62: Back on Track!

We headed down to the hospital this morning for Max's weekly Tuesday check-up with the outpatient BMT team down there and things are back on track...thank God! Max's ANC which had dipped dramatically down last week to 30 is now WAY back up to 9250! Thus, his counts definitely seem to be recovering! It appears that the gancyclovir medication that was being used to fight his CMV (the virus that was growing strength in his body) is the culprit of the temporary decrease in levels and that his marrow (or should I say Ellee's ;) ) is now recovering, with the help of the "liquid gold" GCSF. All in all, super great, wonderful news!

The doctors spent some time talking with Max and checking him out and they gave him a thumbs up. We did have a few issues with one of the two lines that make up his "central line" and they drew some more cultures from the one to be sure there is no infection in it. We'll know more on Friday but as of now, he feels great and doesn't seem to have any issues.

Just wanted to share the good news today. It certainly eased my mind to see those white cell levels again. Last week was scary and it means a lot to see that Max is back on track and back on his healing path!

Other than that news, things are quiet around here. Daddy broke down over the weekend and bought Max Playstation 3...the only thing he has been asking for the last few weeks. Go through all this and then spend three more days in the hospital with a wonderful attitude and your parents will get you just about anything...what suckers! The boys are definitely enjoying playing that, as well as Matt and I!

We'll write more soon. Thanks for your continued support.


Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)

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