Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day +217: Shot Appointments! YIPPEE!

It's day +217 and I just wanted to put a quick update out to thank everybody for their awesome support and help in locating some vaccine for all of us! We got numerous calls and emails with different potential leads and have been able to get an appointment on Saturday with the Norwood Health Department for shots for Matt, Alex, Ellee and I! YIPPEE! I did a happy dance after getting off the phone with them! Never have I been so thrilled to be getting a shot! Never did I ever think I would rejoice at the idea of getting a vaccine! Even Max was smiling! I have HATED needles my whole, I must say, I definitely realize their value and, while I can't say that I love them, I appreciate them tremendously!

Besides that great news, we had a fun day yesterday enjoying the beautiful, crisp fall weather here in Cincy. We went for another hike with Papi at the Nature Center at lunchtime and then came home and played outside with our old friend, Grave Digger (a battery powered monster truck that Max got for Christmas when he was 4). You can see from the picture that we have now figured out how to fit all three of them in for rides at once!

We are expecting some exciting visitors here today and tomorrow. The Blue Blob, one of Xavier University's mascots, is coming for a surprise visit this afternoon (shhhhhhh!). I know the kids will be thrilled. They LOVE XU basketball and normally attend several games each year with Matt. Unfortunately, Max will not be able to go this year so, Matt's Aunt Mary Ann who works at XU was able to secure a surprise visit from the Blob to let Max know that the team appreciates him cheering them on here at home. Tomorrow the Enquirer will be here to get some pics and info for their article. That should be exciting too! Friday we have our regular bi-weekly Day Hospital visit so, I'll write again soon and let you all in on the excitement of things around here - from Blobs to shots! Lots going on!

More soon...

Peace and love,

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex, Ellee and Spud)


  1. Great news about getting the vaccine!

  2. Max-
    You look WONDERFUL! I haven't checked on you in a little and I was thrilled to see your progress. Keep up the great work. We continue to pray for you!

    The Martin Family
    (BMT friend Brayton Martin)


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