Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day +47: A Tribute to a Special Friend

We have already told you about the awesome "music man", Brian Schreck (in the picture with Max) that works at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital that visited Max many times and recorded him singing "Home" by Daughtry. But, we wanted to share a special story with you about him that our local news did on Friday night (see the bottom of this entry for the link to the story). We saw him as we were leaving the Day Hospital on Friday and he told us that they were coming to do a feature story on him. He is such a great guy and does such wonderful things for the kids (as he did for Max) that we wanted to share the story with you.

We also thought that it was an invaluable way of giving all of you just a little bit of insight into what it was like to "live" for six weeks on the fifth floor of Childrens. The inpatient portion of the fifth floor is half the BMT unit and half the oncology unit (ie the cancer treatment center). The story about Brian was taped on the oncology side of the fifth floor...where we "lived" for the first two weeks of our stay. We were right across the hall from Natalie Bradley, the young woman highlighted in the story. We got to know her parents a bit and saw her family coming and going regulary.

We don't share this with you to depress you...although we will tell you that it is very difficult to watch. We share it with you to share the greatest learning that we have had from this in the moment. You just never know what tomorrow will bring so, live in today, in the now and make the most of it.

Enjoy the video and the wonderful things that our friend Brian does for the sickest kids in Cincy.

Kristi (and Matt, Max, Alex and Ellee)

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